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He likes to grab his models.

26 May
Faye Taylor by Joseph Story

JOSEPH STORY makes a very cool work with one small difference, he likes to grab his models,  yes  that’s what you heard,  he grabs his models, good thing he is not in America or he would become the target of some purist church or end up as tabloid material maybe  just be sued by some wanna be gold digger model. Anyway he is in UK and has literally grab his model. What I think is cool about this is he  puts the viewer  not only as  just a voyeur,  but also inside  the image.  He cast gorgeous models and get from then not only poses but asoft  erotic attitude.  Check his Blog at http://thedirtystory.blogspot.com


Martine for Jlinsnider

23 May

Other of my last jobs in Vegas, Martine Buffet for  Jlinsnider

Leaving Las Vegas

22 May

I left Vegas on November  last year,   for 7 years Vegas was my home, and I love that town, not the bright lights of the strip but the simple western  town most people doesn’t  know.  I made great friends meet so many talent people had so much fun. I reach my goals there it was great, but now is time to face a new challenge on my life.  I’m back in Sao Paulo Brazil and ready to work and start this journey on my life, hope I can share what I know. I will keep you posted on every step of this journey…

Here is my two of my last shooting in Vegas .  The spread for 944 magazine

some backstage images

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check the final images here