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Top list of muses I would love to work… (part 1)

24 May

There is a small group of women that I admire and I would love to work with.  For their talents and their spirits and what they have to offer the world, and also for their looks.   

  • Shirley  MacLaine  – First time I saw her was on a Jerry Lewis flick,  I just got so impressed for her looks and I was around 8 years ,  She is an Icon, Talent actress and has so much to share. 


    She is awesome and I can't resist to red hair

  • Audrey Hepburn – do I need to explain why… she is all time muse.    

    I have no words to describe her

  •  Anne Hathway – Talent actress and a gorgeous woman I see so much on her she surprise me on her movies her work on Rachel Getting Married was amazing, she has so much expression on her face and I love that in a person . 

    anne-hathaway such great actress

  •  Kate Moss – You can do anything with Kate, she can go from the beach sunny doll to a rockstar biker in a second and still be Kate, She changes and still keeps her own style and charm. 

    The perfect model

    The perfect model

  • Linda Evangelista – When I started in photography,  the Super Models come out and she was the most elegant and for me elegance is a big turn on.   She was in 9 of 10 fashion magazines I used to read.   Great photographer with a great model.

    Elegance and pers.nality Linda Evangelista has all

  • Christy Turlington – She is perfect her face is a work of art,  I can stare for hours,  you dont need to be an amazing photographer to do something gorgeous with her, just point the camera to her, she looks great with any super production or with nothing.

    Christy Turlington

    Christy Turlington is the real natural beauty

  • Joss Stone –  Love her, she is just so cute and so full of personality and charm Im sure work with her would be so much fun and her voice and music is so full of soul and inspiration, love it.

    Joss Stone

    Joss has a sweet smile.

  • Ana Paula Arosio –  She was my first muse, she start as a model when she was a kid and her face marked me, she become at the time my first muse,  I end up metting her around 1996 but at that time I was a photo assistant and had the chance to take a picture, time pass and she is still has the same unique beauty and now as a famous actress in Brazil she is still one of my favorites muses.

    Ana Paula, my first muse.

  •  Audrey  Tautou – I think she is cute, and a talent actress, her style is elegant and very fresh maybe was because her role as Amilie Poulain and her up lifiting style or her role as Coco Chanel  where she was very elegant. I like her and I think work with her would be great.

Audrey Tautou
Audrey Tautou uplifiting and elegant


  • Natalie Portman – Well she is amazing, I would love to work with her for so many reason,  her role in the professional was awesome,  and after that was just growing up to become this gorgeous woman, talent actress and her face is so clean and has so much expression.


Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman unique elegance


  •  Scarlett Johansson – is not Woody Allen muse, she is a dream for anyone beheind a camera, she is bubly and young cute and sexy at the same time, she is someone sensual without do any effort to be just because she is who she is.  Talent actress and now also a singer , what else she has to offer us. 

    Scarlet is a dream to anyone behind the camera.

 There is so many more I would like to work, what I think inspires me in a woman is not only the first glance beauty but also the expressions, the eyes, some faces that you just can stop look, also what I love in a model is how they would be able to be someone diferent being thenselves, these strong and beautifull  women knows how to play with their looks and styles and they are elegant and charming, they are any photographer’s dream.