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13 Aug

Changed my Blog address to WWW.LUCIANOMELLO.COM/BLOG


If you suck, don’t worry…

28 May

Ceramic sculpture by Unknown

The MOBA – Museum Of Bad Art

all art deserves some atention even if it’s bad art,   so if you suck don’t worry you may have an exhibition  in a museum.

Louise Sacco at Gel 2010 (Museum Of Bad Art – MOBA) from Gel Conference on Vimeo.

Louise co-founded The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA) in 1994. She is dedicated to MOBA’s mission: the collection, exhibition, and celebration of bad art. MOBA is based in Boston. (text from GEO)

more from Vegas

24 May

Last year I did this cool job with Zowie Bowie was very fun they are awesome very nice folks.  If you never been in Vegas and never heard about then check their work HERE.

New Jobs…

24 May

Soon the year started I got my first gig here in Sao Paulo,  I shot the Look book for   1st Level  really cool fashion, check the website here,  the quality of the fabrics are amazing the design is very elegant . Was a very fun too shoot  and The pics come out great .

1st Level clothing

Martine for Jlinsnider

23 May

Other of my last jobs in Vegas, Martine Buffet for  Jlinsnider

Leaving Las Vegas

22 May

I left Vegas on November  last year,   for 7 years Vegas was my home, and I love that town, not the bright lights of the strip but the simple western  town most people doesn’t  know.  I made great friends meet so many talent people had so much fun. I reach my goals there it was great, but now is time to face a new challenge on my life.  I’m back in Sao Paulo Brazil and ready to work and start this journey on my life, hope I can share what I know. I will keep you posted on every step of this journey…

Here is my two of my last shooting in Vegas .  The spread for 944 magazine

some backstage images

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check the final images here