1 Jun

One of the things that inspires me the most is films but paint had a very important role in my work and one of my favorite painters is Edward Hopper


Night Hawks

Night Hawks

 The first work I saw from him was  and that painting drag me inside of that scene I couldn’t take my eyes of   so many histories came to my mind about those people in that Phillies diner.   After that I wanted to see more about his work all images he made was an amazing piece of art with a particular story.  The light was a highpoint also but what I used to like more about his work was the felling of loneliness and sadness in contrast with the colors and contrast.


Morning Sun

Inspirations for me are when you grab all that you see and blend with all that you know.  I found the work of Camilla  Akrans amazing, there is so much of Hopper in her work, the same light contrast and the loneliness in some subjects, with a delicate sexiness, amazing job she does. I’m not sure if she was influenced by Hopper’s work but I’m sure they have very similar esthetic.   Camilla is represented by management+artists And you can see more of her work here 

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